Saturday, May 7, 2011

Long time no see...

Hello again! I knew from the get go that I wouldn't be very good at this blogging thing. I am done with school for the semester though so I'm going to be good at updating this for a few months at least.
Just a quick update on Jer and me over the last few months...
  • Got married on November 6, 2011
  • Went on our honeymoon to Park City
  • Moved to PG (Pleasant Grove)
  • Finished one more semester of school:) (Jer is at BYU and I'm at the U)
  • Jer worked at Response Marketing until a couple weeks ago when he started working in a lab with a professor on campus
  • I work at America First Credit Union and Primary Childrens Medical Center
  • Jeremy works with the Young Men in the ward as the Priest Quorum Advisor and I'm with the Young Women as the Young Womens Secretary
I think that covers the very basics and I promise more details on the important points in the next few posts. I just wanted to make sure everyone is up to speed for now and knows that I'm back in the blogging world:)

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  1. You should be careful not to follow the mention of your honeymoon with the acronym "PG". People might get all excited jumping to the wrong conclusion haha!!!