Saturday, May 7, 2011

So Happy Together...

Only in St. George is November 6th a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. Perfect for a wedding. Originally I wanted to get married in early October (in fact I still think that would have been a fantastic time to get married), because we would've been the same age if we got married after his birthday on September 30th and before mine on October 19th. Unfortunately I don't always get my way, and it worked out better to get married in early November. It was a beautiful day though, and I don't have any complaints about our wedding day...except that I was older than him:)
We were sealed in the St. George temple, which is only fitting because we both grew up in St. George and that's where our relationship began. I absolutely love the San Diego temple and I've often thought of getting married there, but it just wouldn't have felt right nor would we have been able to share the day with as many family members and friends.
I honestly don't remember too much of that day unfortunately. What I do remember very clearly though is entering the sealing room in the temple and seeing all the faces of family members and friends that had come from near and far to support us on our wedding day. I remember my eyes filling with tears of joy and gratitude for the role each of them had played in our lives. It really was an incredible feeling.
I also remember something that was said during the ceremony that I would like to share. The sealer said that I was to be the heart of our home and family. That really touched me because I'd been kind of worried about getting married and becoming a wife and mother (eventually). I was worried that I wasn't caring or compassionate enough; that I wouldn't have enough heart for the job. I have always been teased by my family for not crying when I watch sad movies or read touching books or stories. They told me I had no heart. I know they were always joking and I never took it personally, but I did have a fear that my heart wouldn't be big enough for the job of wife and mom. I take great comfort in knowing that even if I'm not there yet, someday I will be made equal to the task, and I will be the heart of our home and family.
The rest of the day is kind of a blur, but I do remember being incredibly happy and having a lot of fun. We had a wonderful luncheon with friends and family between the ceremony and the reception thanks to Jeremy's family and friends. And I have to say that our reception was AMAZING! I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I want things the way I want them. So I'm sure Kimber and Devin were at least a little nervous about being put in charge of the decorating, but they did an INCREDIBLE job and I couldn't have been happier about the way it turned out. It was perfect! We had a blast seeing everyone and talking to friends and family.
Another highlight of the evening was the father-daughter and mother-son dances. Dancing with my daddy and singing the words of a song I grew up singing around the house was a memory I think we will both cherish. I actually let my dad choose between 3 songs about dads and daughters. Each would have been a great pick, but my dad chose Butterfly Kisses because he remembered me singing it around the house or in the car when I was younger. It was fun to watch Jer dance with his mom as well because they have always had such a close relationship, and it had been hard on her to feel like she was losing some of that to me.
All in all it was a perfect day and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I am so grateful for the pictures we have to help us remember it all. Thank you to all who supported us that day, and have supported us all our lives...we love you!


  1. Oh yeah! you posted! I loved your wedding too! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! : )

  2. Ken, I just sat down and read this and a flood of good memories of you being so happy washed over me. I remember your tears of happiness in the sealing room. Who says you don't cry or lack heart!! But what hit me the hardest was your memory of "Butterfly Kisses". That put a lump in my throat and a sting in my eyes all over again. Thank you for that moment and for remembering it as sweetly as I do!!