Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Pictures

Here are some late, but great, pictures of our wedding...enjoy!

Just out of the temple...We're married!
Walking around to the stairs of the temple

Thanks to all of our family and friends that came to support us!

Jeremy's buddies...

My girlfriends

Such a cool picture with the temple in the reflection of the visitor center windows

Typical me...pulling faces

So BEAUTIFUL! Great job decorating Kim, Dev and Jess!

Hardman tradition...obviously my brothers were a little clueless:)

The Hardman family

The Clayton family

So happy together!

Our gorgeous cake made by my aunt Amanda Adams...SO talented!


I was nice...he was not:)

I LOVE this picture!

I love this guy!

Jer surprised me with a special performance. He did a great job!

My dad and I dance to "Butterfly Kisses"

Jer can't remember the song he and his mom danced to...but it was a good one!

Throwing the bouquet...over the balcony

I tricked him:) hahaha

Dancing the hokey-pokey with the kids

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