Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stadium of FIRE!

Jer and I went to the Stadium of Fire with my parents and Cody. We had a ton of fun! Here are some of the highlights:

David Archuleta
the skydivers coming in with the flags
the last skydiver's flag catching on the barrier which caused him to face plant and take out an innocent bystander
Cody eating 3 or 4 churros, a frozen lemonade, a bag of cotton candy, and...I'm sure there was more, I just can't remember at the moment
no one sitting in front of us so we could put our feet on those seats
spending time with family

Here are some fun pictures before the show began:

Yay for cheesy smiles:)

And making faces:)

Such a good looking couple!

Notice our festive 4th of July T-shirts

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